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Relationship breakdown can be very emotional and stressful – making it particularly difficult to agree decisions in relation to living arrangements, finances and childcare.

Mediation provides a safe space for you and your ex-partner to come to agreement in relation to decisions about your children, the family home, finances and the future. The process ensures that you are both treated equally and given
equal right to be heard in a safe space, and to have your wishes discussed and taken into account.

Mediation is different to the adversarial court-based system. With the help of a professional Mediator, you and your ex-partner can make your own decisions about your unique situation and that of your family, rather than having a Judge make these important decision for you.

I have completed the specialised training for mediators who work in the area of separating couples mediation and have a special interest in this important work..

A booklet on the issue of Separating Couples Mediation, produced by the Mediators Institute of Ireland, is available from the MII at this link.